(February 2022)

10 years ago in February 2012 we launched Cash Honey.

My sister sang the name Cash Honey into being while sitting next to the creek at our grandmother's house in Port Stanley.  We had just landed home from New York City. We had been trying to think of a name to start putting our work under.  Lil Wayne was one of our favorite rappers at the time (still is) and Cash Honey was sort of an ode to his label Young Money and the OG label Cash Money Records.

When we launched, Cash Honey was really just a website with all things cool and beautiful-  curated rock n roll album artwork, some of our photography, a playlist, and dope art we liked. It wasn't a thing but it was our thing-  a place where we could share things, pre- instagram days!

Cash Honey has always been undefined- it is conceptual. Cash Honey is the back alley, a backstage pass, the underground parties, a curtsy to the underdogs, the cream of the crop, the icing on the cake. Cash Honey oscillates between pop culture and ancient culture, magic and reality. 

Over the years we have cultivated creativity and community through collaboration with very special people. From parties in Brooklyn to Music Festivals on our hometown land, Photoshoots, Pop Ups, Music Videos, Art Installations, but most importantly, by making Life itself, a true piece of Art.

The message has always been LOVE, PEACE, TRUTH, MAGIC..........DREAM BIG ! 

Moving forward, Cash Honey is entering new dimensions, expanding and evolving in our visions, our projects, our orbit, ourselves. 

~Stay Tuned In~


& solo projects under our own names too


Peace & Love,

Jaime & Janelle

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